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ALDO CIBIC for Blumohito

For some strange reason I have always been fascinated by miniature landscapes, where I find a feeling that I carry inside since I was a child.
I think of the riverbanks, the steep meadows, the hills, the rows of trees in the countryside along the dirt roads, the lakes, the border between the gravel paths and the meadow ...
This work is a journey in which every time I try to make real those sensations coming from far away.


A collection of works on that sits between design and art.
NICESCAPES is a design by Aldo Cibic that recounts 5 natural micro-landscapes: a family of paintings that exude emotions and capture the observer in engaging experiences.
Created by Blumohito with green stabilized vegetable and hand-worked sand, they are corniced with an internally mirrored birch plywood frame that offers new perspectives and expands the boundaries.